The World Cup 70+ and 75+

The World Cup 70+ and the World Cup 75+ will be played in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from the 29th Oct to 4th Nov 2023.

Last Edited: 01/03/24

Since 2017 the International Football World Cup 70+ has been played and in 2022 the world’s first football international tournament for players over 75 was played the World Cup 75+ and a future World Cup 80+ will happen.

The goal of the tournament is for players to experience joy, passion, health, and friendship across all borders – having a never to be forgotten football experience. Football is fantastic – and knows no age.

Teams will play for the unofficial world championship for players over 70 and over 75

The 70+ division has 11 vs. 11 matches played on a full-size pitch with full-size goals.

The 75+ division plays 7 vs. 7 on smaller pitches and goals.

We are also planning to introduce an O80 division – for 2023 some exhibition games – even if we only play 5 aside.

Hopefully, 80+ teams can come or individual players for a combined 80+ teams to get this started!

Teams are coming from England, Germany, USA, Wales, Denmark, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and more countries will join the list as the world of older footballers grows.

For more information please contact: Keith Pierce on mobile: 0419 528 618 Email: Website:

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