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OASIS (Older And Still Into Soccer) Masters Football Association, Incorporated is an organisation to help over 60s football (soccer) players to play the game they love. A group of more than 10 community organisations and teams (that are already playing over 60 football) have come together to form OASIS acting as one voice to promoting the playing of 11 v 11 full-field football for over 60s.

The inaugural groups are from Newcastle, Canberra, NSW South Coast and all parts of Sydney. We have also been contacting other inter-state groups in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania, and they have shown interest and will be invited to join. It is expected that there will be over 1,000 players joining.

OASIS aims to organise football games, tournaments and competitions for men’s age groups O/60, O/65. Also, women’s O/50 will feature in tournaments and in the future men’s O/70 will be added.

From December 2021 we aim to organise weekend Gala Days, approximately monthly. 2022 will be a big year for our OASIS members with 4 or 5 major Masters Tournaments scheduled.

We are growing, and looking for sponsors to help make this happen and to be something for the football community to be proud of. This is for the mental and physical wellbeing of older football players. It is the objective of OASIS to foster such positive psychology and culture by using football to promote and improve the wellbeing of the older community groups across Australia.

OASIS - is like a Morning Glory sipping a Champagne Supernova where you Don’t Look Back In Anger and kicking a ball against a Wonderwall. It is also like a fertile area in the middle of a desert of time where you can keep fit and do the thing you like.

Our Team

Picture of Keith

Keith Pierce


Keith is the president of OASIS who started OASIS to promote actively over 60s football as many of the senior players wanted it.

Keith was born in 1953 and has played football since 8 years old for Parramatta RSL, Wenty Waratahs, Pittwater RSL & Baulkham Hills FC.

Keith went to the Russia World Cup, played at World Master Games, Pan Pacific Master Games & Australian Master Games, and is now playing O/45 BHFC & Hillsbillies O/60s.

Keith coached, managed and organised teams for many years and have a current Level 3 Referee licence. He also follows anything to do with Australian football overseas players, all national teams and the A-League (WSW).

Picture of Carlos

Carlos Bielli


Carlos M. Bielli is a football tragic +. He has attended the 1982 World Cup, Toyota Cup final in 1987, Champions League Final in 2000, all Olympic football games for the Sydney Olympics, and travels overseas to watch the Socceroos. Every week he attends the A League matches and State League matches.

Carlos is the Host of Planet Football on 2rrr 88.5 fm which goes to air on Saturdays 11-12 noon.

Carlos runs a legal practice and has been in sole practice for 20 years. He is also on the Pro Bono legal panel for the National Sports Tribunal [former ANTI DOPING AUTHORITY].

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