Rising popularity of OASIS

Football is not a sport just for the young

Last Edited: 22/12/21

Who said football is only a sport for the young? Take the rising popularity of OASIS, which caters to the passionate over 60s footballers, who still love playing, and most importantly having fun, and making friends. Last weekend, OASIS held their first over 60s Gala Day, hosted by the Hillsbillies team at Ted Horwood Reserve, Baulkham Hills. OASIS president and Hillsbillies manager, Keith Pierce 68 y/o, said it was a fun weekend with opposing players getting to know each other and discussing plans for future events. Each team played 5 x 40 minutes games over Saturday and Sunday, 11 v 11full field running football. The Hillsbillies started in July 2020 after Baulko FC played in Australian Masters in Adelaide in 2019. We needed more players so Hills Association promoted Hillsbillies as the Hills over 60 Rep Teams. There are now 35 players on our books but many more from the Hills want to join now Covid is easing. The winner was Football, teams Alive N Kicking, Balmain FC, Canberra Old Boys, Hillsbillies, Northern Beaches and South Coast Rhino’s. The raffle winner of a bottle of wine is Sze Lee of Hillsbillies, and the raffle winner of a custom-made guitar is Dave Lance of Canberra Old Boys. “The aim is to bring over 60 teams together for more regularly to play up to once a month and each team/region can host these gala weekend games,” Pierce said. “We had competitors from age 58-82 years at this event, we allow a few under-age players but many in their 70s and couple of 80s. Terry Minton 79 y/o, the oldest registered player in Australia, Jimmy Morland and Eric Anderson both 82 also have a run. “OASIS has been formed to give regular games for players over 60 years old. There are many players that currently get together for a kickaround. To play proper over-60 matches they only have the annual Masters Games in Australia or the World Masters every four years.” He said OASIS has banded together 15 teams from across Australia, including Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Tasmania, in addition to NSW sides from with Newcastle, South Coast, and nine groups from around Sydney. “We aim to invite other teams to join us in the future,” Pierce said. “The reason is to keep them playing.” Pierce said we have teams going to the Australian Masters Perth on 23-30 April and Pan Pacific Gold Coast in November this year also the World Masters Game was set to take place in Osaka, Japan, has been postponed till 2023. He said it will be great if the Hillsbillies players can represent the Hills at the pinnacle of Masters football. The Hillsbillies, which currently caters for the over 60s, are thinking of fielding an over 65s side, and are keen to gauge interest for an over 50s women team too. OASIS is looking at putting an over 70s team together for Japan. For over 60s teams to join OASIS please contact us at: oasismf60.com.au To join the Hillsbillies, contact Keith at hillsbillies60s@gmail.com

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