RIP Jesse Baird

A condolence message from OASIS president on the tragic death of Jesse Baird

Last Edited: 01/03/24

Back in September 2023, Jesse Baird interviewed for the Network 10 Morning Show to promote OASIS, Alive N Kicking, and our Oldyroos team going to the World Cup in Thailand. We thank and appreciate Network 10 and Jesse for doing this for us.

A week ago in February 2024, we saw in the news of the tragic death of Jesse Baird. The news of Jesse's death saddened me.

I talked on the phone a few times with Jesse before the interview and on the day of the interview, I spent a couple of hours with him. My opinion of Jesse is he was a wonderful person full of life and happiness.

I ask you to look at the interviews here OASIS interview by Jesse Baird and see for yourself what a great person Jesse was. A lot of people, friends, and family will miss him.

RIP Jesse, you deserved a much better place in this world.

From Keith Pierce

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